15. Celebrity: Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC
Clothing line: FuMan Skeeto
Launch date: 1999
Fail date: 2002
Reasons for the fail: Yep, it was really called FuMan Skeeto. Fu. Man. Skeeto. Why? WHO THE HELL KNOWS/CARES? Sorry, but with a name like that, this was destined for failure. Especially if it was a line of tie-dyed shirts and studded denim jackets designed by a boy bander with Ras Trent dreads. It must burn Kirkpatrick that Justin Timberlake not only has an incredibly successful post-*NSYNC music career but that his William Rast clothing line is both popular and profitable. He would SO phone JT up right now and scream on him if only he'd return his calls. :(