ScottCampbell Scott Campbell just put on a sold-out show down in Mexico City at Vice Gallery, but things didn't go all that well. Following a disagreement with the owner, Scott took the entire exhibit and burned it on the sidewalk outside. From Scott's email to Purple Fashion Magazine's Olivier Zahm:

I'm in Mexico city, and I have a show here that opened last week. I guess on paper it went really well, sold out opening night and all that. But I've had a couple issues with the gallery and the way they handled everything. I tried to express my concerns to the owner, but had a hard time getting him to take them seriously...

So I took an entire sold out show and piled it on the sidewalk in front of the gallery and lit it on fire.

It felt amazing.

And that, friends, is how the good ones handle shit.
[Purple, via SlamxHype]