Cator Sparks has been working in the grooming industry for over ten years. His career in men's grooming PR has seen the launch of Nickel and Baxter of California. Now, in his work as a journalist, he reviews many a lotion and can give a highly experienced two cents on everything from eye gel to hair loss. He can tell you the difference between Resveratrol and Retinol as well as how to wax the perfect mustache. In March 2010, he was commissioned a Colonel of Kentucky by Governor Steven L. Beshear. In short, he is here to help you.

OK people, we know this grooming ish is still new to wrap your head around, but that's where we come in. A grown man's grooming regimen should not take up loads of time, money or effort. Ergo, below you will find the top products you need for the next time you head to the drug store. Don't get distracted because with our neat cheat sheet, you can wipe this out in 10 minutes flat. Many drug stores have designated areas for men's grooming products. Start there. Insider tip: Some drug store brands are the best in the industry and countless professionals use them on their celebrity clients...

Basic Grooming


Start off with Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in Peppermint. It will invigorate your body before a long day of work. Just be careful when you get to scrubbing the family jewels, it's one hell of a tingle. You've been forewarned. Click here to Buy It Now at Dr. Bronner, $4


EveryMan Jack has a cooling post shave face lotion that goes on easy and leaves the skin feeling smooth. Plus, it has an SPF of 15 to keep freckles and wrinkles in check without adding an extra step in the a.m. routine. Click here to Buy It Now at EveryMan Jack, $6


Vaseline For Men Body Lotion smells awesome and in the winter, it's good to keep everything moisturized so you don't have dry, itchy skin. DO NOT use the stuff on your face (I know it says to but DON'T). Body lotions are much thicker than face lotions and you can break out. Click here to Buy It Now at Amazon, $8


Neutrogena Hand Cream. Just stash one of these in your messenger bag and keep it handy for when you start lookin' ashy or an hour before you need to shake someone's hand at an interview or event. Click here to Buy It Now at Walgreens, $4


Colgate Wisps are mini disposable toothbrushes you can take anywhere. We like to call them, 'Hook Up Brushes'. Click here to Buy It Now at Drug Store, $8 (for 16)

Here is where we get a little more aspirational:

Advanced Grooming

Nivea Hydro Eye Gel. Look, we know you don't want to think about it but watch out for crows feet early on. What makes you look distinguished in your 30s looks like Paw Clampett in your later years. Just smudge some under each eye every morning. Takes two seconds. Click here to Buy It Now at Amazon, $25 (for a pack of 6)


Eucerin Intensive Repair Foot Creme. Whatever the season, you don't want to have crackly feet. What happens if you score at the club this weekend? The ladies will laugh in your face for knockin' boots with your socks on. Click here to Buy It Now at, $6


Get a loofah sponge. Everyone should exfoliate their bodies at least once a week to slough off dead skin and exfoliating the face helps reduce black heads and ingrown hairs for you hirsute dudes out there. Click here to Buy It Now at Amazon, $4