You have the weekend trip all set: the outfits are straight, kicks are clean, and the ill duffle bag is ready to be packed. But why do use a gallon size zip lock to store all your toiletries? C'mon son, you have to do better and today's Buy It Now, the Filson Travel Bag, is definitely a few steps up from what you've been doing. This 22oz travel kit is developed from cotton paraffin treated twill and is balanced with a leather closure and loop handle that gives it a very upscale look. Also incorporated to make this beef and broccoli bag extra tough is a water repellent canvas that is sure to provide a separation of dry clothes and a leaking shampoo bottle. So cop and look like you're G5ing it to the islands even if you're bussing it to Cleveland.

Filson Travel Bag
Click Here to Buy It Now at Blackbird, $83

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