All photos by Justin Korkidis

This past weekend, Mighty Tanaka Gallery in Brooklyn opened its group exhibtion, Cimmerian Shade. The show features artwork from burlesque model Marlo Marquise, staff favorite Ellen Stagg, and several others, including Katie Decker, FARO, Hellbent, John McGarity, and Don Pablo Pedro. Click on to see the full event recap and the art on display, and stop by to see the real thing if you're in the DUMBO area. The show is on display until the end of the month at 68 Jay St., Suite 416 in Brooklyn, NY.

<!--more-->Tilting at the Hollow, Le Champion, Opium Bay(Left to right) "Tilting at the Hollow" by John McGarity; "Le Champion" by Katie Decker; "Opium Bay" by John McGarity

MandyMorbidTealBed2"Mandy Morbid Teal Bed" by Ellen Stagg

groupGallery attendees

Untitled, Sleepy Mechanic, Untititled(Top to bottom) "Untitled (Small Snake)"; "Sleepy Mechanic" by John McGarity; "Untitled (Dog)"

A Distilling Maw"A Distilling Maw"

Marlo Marquise(Artist) Marlo Marquise

Anais Nin, Mandy Morbid Teal Bed, Christopher Marlowe"Anais Nin" by Marlo Marquise; "Mandy Morbid Teal Bed" by Ellen Stagg; "Christopher Marlowe" by Marlo Marquise

Sleepy Mechanic"Sleepy Mechanic" by John McGarity

girlsGallery attendees

untitled (jawbone)"Untitled (Jawbone)" by Hellbent

Tilting at the hollow"Tilting at the Hollow" by John McGarity

ellen, alex and friend(Left to right) Friend, Alex Emmart, Ellen Stagg

Good Da Katamari"Good Da Katamari" by Don Pablo Pedro

Work Eat Sleep, The Last Make Shift Seance(Top to bottom) "Work Eat Sleep by Katie Decker, The Last Make Shift Seance"

Marlo + friendsMarlo Marquise and friends


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