If you're in possession of a pair of eyes, you know there was nothing stealthy about all the camo print that was everywhere this summer, In fact, it's continuing to spill over into our fall wardrobe. Look, you have camo shoes, shirts, wallets, ties, backpacks *catches breath* cars, books, jackets, toys, cell phone cases and whatever else you need and don't. But don't get shit confused, the camouflage trend has been around the block more than once. Tons of moments occurred throughout history (Biggie rocking the BAPE jacket in '96 and Junya Watanabe's Fall '09 Collection) that makes this military-inspired trend memorable, so we rounded up 42 Classic Camo Moments in Pop Culture. Bask in it all, from Nigo's gull-wing camo Benz to the classic Maharishi's reference bible, we got it right here HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. See what we did there? No? EVEN BETTER.