9.9SIMON This week, all of our Street Detail subjects hail from Denmark. Big ups to Scandinavia!

NAME: Simon

OCCUPATION: Owner/Buyer - Très Bien Shop

HOME BASE: Malmö, Sweden

JACKET: Woolrich Woolen Mills

SHIRT: Head Porter Plus

SHORTS: Levi's Vintage


Favorite thing about living in Copenhagen? Don't live there but I come here quite often so I'd say that it's one of the most relaxed capitals in Europe.

Biggest misconception about Copenhagen? That Danish people are cooler than Swedish people maybe.

What's your must-have item of the moment? My new Nanamica wool suit jacket with Gore-Tex!

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Favorite website? The Glade.

Best clothing store? The newly discovered store is Hostem on Redchurch Street in London.

Who inspires your style? The designers and brands we carry in the store.

Favorite brand? Nike and Levi's.

Dream job? The job I currently have. I wouldn't wanna do anything else!

Photo by Kristina-cecile Gisors

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