9.10BENJAMINThis week, all of our Street Detail subjects hail from Denmark. Big ups to Scandinavia!

NAME: Benjamin

OCCUPATION: Art direction assistant at Cover Magazine

HOME BASE: Copenhagen, Denmark

JACKET: Helly Hansen

SHIRT: Fruit of the Loom

SHORTS: Cheap Monday

SNEAKERS: Tretorn x Comme des Garçons

Favorite thing about living in Copenhagen? It's a vibrant and interesting city, but I like the fact that it is easy to escape from Copenhagen. Within a short drive you can find yourself in a large forest, or even by the sea.

What movie best captures your style? I'm predictable and simple.

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What's your must-have item of the moment? A decent pair of boots and I think a pair of hand-made Yuketen boots is something my feet would appreciate.

Favorite website? I'm addicted to Hypebeast.

Best clothing store? Très Bien Shop in Malmö, Sweden.

Best place to take a date? Depends on the person you take out. But fuck cheesy restaurant/café dates, I would rather just take a long walk through the city, talk, and share the small spots and places I find interesting.

Who inspires your style? Simplicity, uniformity, and functionality.

What do you collect? Magazines.

Favorite brand? Acne always has interesting products and projects by Jonny Johansson and his team.

Most common statement people make about your style? "Simple...no bold colors or graphic prints!"

Photo by Kristina-cecile Gisors

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