9.22benjaminRetouchedNAME: Ben

OCCUPATION: Student/Creative Thinker/

HOMEBASE: Upper West Side

GLASSES: Burberry

JACKET: Wrangler

TANK: American Apparel

PANTS: Calvin Klein

SNEAKERS: Urban Outfitters

WATCH: Timex

What's your favorite fall trend? Ankle boots with high waters/rolled pants and general monochromatic ensembles.

Favorite online shop? Gilt Men...guilty.

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Favorite brands? Inhabit, DKNY, Levi's, and American Apparel for basics.

What trend should die? Jeans paired with flip-flops. Never ever. Or guys in white flip-flops, white belts, and white glasses.

Trend-proof style advice? Stay classic and match your shoes, belt, and watch. Simple is effective.

Photo by Luisa Opalesky

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