STORE: Serpentine
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario
SINCE: 2009
OWNER/BUYER(S): Steve & Paul
BRANDS CARRIED: Atelier Ruby, Damir Doma, Diet Butcher Slim Skin, Juma, N.D.C Made by hand, Odyn Vovk, PRPS, Wolverine
IDEAL OUTFIT: PRPS denim with a pair of the Wolverine boots, a Diet Butcher Slim cape, an Atelier Ruby helmet, and all that would be missing is the bike.
WHY WE CO-SIGN: I had the chance to spend some time with Steve, the owner of Serpentine, and he gave me the breakdown of the inspiration behind the shop. The store is inspired by the things he loves and cherishes: motorbike culture, tattoos, rock, and goth fashion. Think boots & bikes! They have one of the biggest male jewelry collections in Canada and a stunning array of motorbike accessories and helmets. The people who shop and appreciate Serpentine have a particular taste and I'm sure they're relieved to finally have a shop that caters to their needs.