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Part of Complex's Style and Design package looks at the new style frontiers—the emerging areas that are helping to push global trends. We'll continue to look at Japan for both inspiration and cultural influence, but as the world shrinks, the spots we're checking for are going beyond that little island in the East. Yesterday we checked in with Seoul, South Korea, but Hong Kong is also a city making moves on the trend front. We got up with Tony Magnetic (a.k.a. Mr. T), the man behind The Year Of... , Bionic Yarn, Zuma HK, and pretty much anything Hong Kong we Americans come in touch with, to take us through trends that are currently popping in his home city. Hit the jump for Tony Magnetic's list of 10 things you should be up on coming out of Hong Kong...

<!--more-->TonyMagnetic_BoInnovation1. BO INNOVATION
Mr. T says: "The "Demon Chef," Alvin Leung, is a self-taught mastermind in the art of molecular gastronomy. This spot has a Michelin Star, and features dishes that will blow your mind. Bo Innovation is simply incredible. The 'Yak and Mak' is the HK version of macaroni and cheese and rivals anything from Harlem to the ATL. Get some!" boinnovation.com

TonyMagnetic_RacksandTasmania2. RACKS and TASMANIA BALLROOM
Mr. T says: "Racks is a billiard lounge that can host a Perrier Jouet Pool tournament one night and Mobb Deep the next. The venue in Hong Kong (and now Shanghai) has set the standard as the place to be for the past three years. Its celebrity/socialite owners host nightly gatherings and it's the extended living room for actors, directors, hot models, and party people. Tasmania Ballroom is the spin off with the group behind the Famous Dragon I club/restaurant." racksmdb.com

TonyMagneticIT3. I.T
Mr. T says: "I.T is a retailer that creates unique retail concepts throughout the city. This company has worked with brands from Comme des Garçons to Visvim and is pushing the envelope when it comes to creative venues. They build retail platforms for most of their brands and then big Fred Segal-like spots to house multiple shop-in-shops in unique environments. I.T also has its own brands, Izzue and 5cm. They stop at nothing to provide an amazing shopping experience that will satisfy even the most diehard Hypebeast fans and avid collectors of limited edition products. I.T co-branded shops can be found all over HK and China, and it won't be long before some of these local brands find their way to you." ithk.com

TonyMagnetic_Subcrew4. SUBCREW
Mr. T says: "A dope brand headed by Sam Lee, actor/entertainer/DJ, with a vibe similar to Supreme. Initially Subcrew started out as just a T-shirt and hat company, but it has expanded into a dope range of garments, giving us woven classics in shirts and pants and crafty accessories." subcrewreact.com

TonyMagneticYearofSake5. SAKE
Mr. T says: "This drink is as popular as ever, and I have a collaboration with Taiko for my brand The Year Of...
The Tiger edition will be 120 bottles of premium daiginjo sake and 12 gold-flake editions. The Year
Of... is going to give you a yearly selection that can be asked for by name or animal of the zodiac, starting with the Tiger! Josen is a special small-batch sake of very high quality, and the labels for these bottles are designed by Simon Birch. This elixir is ready to launch at a select spots in NYC this summer as well. The Year Of... is a Hong Kong-based creative platform that is famous for jeans and brand collaborations from Hong Kong to Hollywood." theyearof.net/tiger, josen-sake.com

TonyMagneticMilanStation6. MILAN STATION
Mr. T says: "Milan Station is an iconic concept that opened in 2000 and now has 10 shops throughout Hong Kong and just added Beijing, Macau, and Taipei. Lucky ladies who receive gifts and/or need money sell their brand-new bags to this high-end secondhand shop. You can find the sold-out Birkin, the brand-new Chanel bag, pretty much anything you can imagine at this chain of official spots! They ensure and guarantee the genuine article, and everyone shops there from celebs to tourists. This spot is amazing." milanstation.com.hk

TonyMagnetic_EcoFriendley7. ECO-FRIENDLY
Mr. T says: "This trend is definitely big in Hong Kong right now. While roaming the streets for this story I came across this new retail platform called Recycled, which showcases items made from disposable items. Recycled is a Southeast Asia-based group that specializes in reconstructing newspapers, tires, and discarded candy wrappers into Bottega Veneta-worthy designer handbags and other items."

TonyMagnetic_GoodsofDesire8. G.O.D./GOODS OF DESIRE
Mr. T says: "Over the last decade, Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau have infiltrated the design world of Hong Kong, and their store has become a destination for customers looking for an alternative to Euro design at an affordable price. These locally designed and produced goods are as desirable as it gets. Furniture, funny art, and cheap trinkets!"

TonyMagnetic_Zuma9. ZUMA
Mr. T says: "From the Lounge upstairs to the main dining hall that plays host to celebrity foodies, Zuma delivers a unique experience that can only be matched by its counterparts in London and Dubai. Zuma will soon be open in Miami, and this spot has set the standard as the place to be. Chef Matt Auburgel leads the contemporary Japanese dining experience in HK and whether it's the Sake Saturdays special menu or a dinner engagement and afterparty, this is where it has been happening for the past three years. Zuma also showcases a bank-vault-sized stable of special vintages from the premier wine and sake houses from around the world." zumarestaurant.com/zuma_hk.html

TonyMagnetic_AliveNotDead10. ALIVE NOT DEAD
Mr. T says: "This social network is in its own league. It calls famous stars like Jet Li, Daniel Wu, Simon Birch, and Jennifer Tse its members, and this online community is set to take over Asia. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this online community is for artists, filmmakers, actors, painters, photographers, designers, vocalists, and pop celebs. Each gathers here without it becoming obnoxious with updates every second or over-self-promotion. It's legit!" alivenotdead.com