This watch, the 100 Series Wristwatch Version 102 by Uniform Wares, is like staring into a slate gray sky while listening to a song that is perfect for a VW television commercial with an unobtrusive breeze fluffing your hair that feels good but slightly lonely. It's great. [ONEEIGHTNINE]

YEEESSSSSS! Scott Sternberg from Band of Outsiders video. [Hypebeast]

This study of the pocket square from Valet Mag lends interesting insight to modernizing this highly functional, old-timey touch. The reader comments are kinda awesome, too. [Valet.]

Monocle has opened its Hong Kong bureau and boutique, ensuring that even if you're in a place as far-flung as Wan Chai, you can still happily dick-ride a magazine and lifestyle that is—let's face it—a little bit boring. [Freshness Mag]

Personal style, is it nature or nurture? This cat was born with a teeny top hat marking on his hat where a real-life teeny top hat would be if he was some kind of performer. We should skin his face and make shoes. 1 of 1. Hyperstruck. [imgur]

Albam 2010 Fall/Winter lookbook. Please, please go here now. Please, please look at what they've done with their shirt collars and plackets, and how they're layering everything. The clavicle area in this entire series is BLOWING OUR MINDS. [Slamxhype]

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