Our pals at Slamxhype have teamed up with the AIAIAI to bring you these sleek and elegant "Tracks" headphones: a flipped and reversed take on old-school Walkman joints that were prevalent circa this thing called "cassette tapes." [Slamxhype]

Sweatpants with a waistband and zipper fly. Jake Davis takes ample detail shots and waxes euphoric on this near-perfect Ralph Lauren find. [Jake Davis Blog]

Mizuno camo raincoats! KABOOM! [Hypebeast]

This Rick Owens Spartan shearling coat is a very reasonable purchase at 2,360.00 British Pound Sterling, which is the equivalent of one bajillion spillion U.S. dollars. It is because the fucker is beautiful beyond reason and all of your enemies' faces will explode in envy. FACT. [Selectism]

Check out WTAPS' Fall/Winter look book. Entitled "Rokudenashi," this collection is a banger. Obvi. [Slamxhype]