Whoa, check out The Eyeshade. Inspired by the OG, circa-1984 frames, these visually arresting tactile joints are a part of the "History of Oakley by Staple Design" project. Fuzzy-wuzzy were these specs. Available at Reed Space starting today. [Staple Design]

Were you JUST thinking you needed $3,000 worth of sick Australian gear to make your life complete? WEIRD because Insight, the dope haberdasher from Down Under, is doing a giveaway. You're welcome. [Insight]

The iPhone 4 might not be everything's it's cracked up to be BUT at least these Incase accessories rule. Silver lining, people. [FreshnessMag]

Go ahead. Check out Hong Kong jewelry-maker PDC Orbit's 2010 Collection and drool shamelessly over all of it. Elegant and completely fuckwithable. [Hypebeast]

Super-exhaustive site of beautifully hand-painted signage. Fin. [TypeArchive]

Barry McGee x Todd James go to Copenhagen for their "Brush Strokes" gallery show at V1. [SlamxHype]

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