The Buffalo, NY-based tatttoo artist Jason D'Aquino recently opened a show at NYC's Last Rites Gallery, a series of miniature artwork that he created on "found" canvases like matchbooks, animal-skin vellum, and antique ledger paper. Because of the aged surfaces he uses, D'Aquino's work takes on a vintage feel, and his historical subject matter (tattoo skulls, religion, American gangsters and their ladies) makes for an interesting collection of work. The show, on display until July 25, is right around the corner from Penn Station (511 W. 33rd, bt. 10th & 11th Avenues), so it's bridge-and-tunnel friendly, and is worth a look if you're waiting on a train. Hit the jump for a preview of what's on display, and check out Last Rites' site for more info on the show.