Jamel Chapel-Mims received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2008, an award that granted him the opportunity to spend time abroad to document the four pillars of hip-hop in the city of Beijing, China. The Washington D.C. native shot photo and moving film to to show the growth of this subculture in one of the fastest growing nations in the world, and his exhibition, The Misadventures of Emcee Tingbudong is on display now at Azucarera Gallery on 414 W. 145th St. The work is a documentation of the life of several Beijing MCs, b-boys, graffiti artists, and DJs who are pushing the culture in this city, and is worth checking out if you can make it to the Harlem gallery. In Mandarin, "Tingbudong" literally translates to: "I don't understand," but with this exhibition Jamel shows a clear understanding of this subculture and the elements that are helping to push it forward. Check out the images from The Misadventures of Emcee Tingbudong after the jump.