NAME: Justin

OCCUPATION: Graphic designer

HOME BASE: Brooklyn

CARDIGAN: All Saint Spitalfield

SHIRT: Rick Owens

PANTS: 3.1 Phillip Lim

SHOES: Barneys CO-OP

BAG: Barneys CO-OP

Must-have item for spring? A black skirt or kilt.

What's going to be the big spring trend? I don't follow trends.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? I need Rick Owens trainers. All black with white soles.

What inspires your style? Japanese boys, the '90s, Helmut Lang, and my mood.

What country has the best style? Japan.

What movie best captures your style? Matrix Reloaded.

Who has wack style? Most male R&B singers.

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Trend do you want to see die? The whole Prada sneaker thing.

Last clothing item you purchased? That All Saint cardigan I'm wearing.

Favorite website? oki-ni.com and stylezeitgeist.com

Favorite brand? Damir Doma.

Favorite tech gadget? My Zune HD.

What do chicks dig about your style? That it's true to me.

Most common statement people make about your style? Most people I run into don't get it but they like it.

What's the item currently in your closet that you most regret buying? A pair of Y-3 drop-crotch sweatpants that now have little pills of lint all over. $300 down the drain, but they make comfy laundry-day pants.

Favorite city? New York but who knows, this summer I may fall in love with a city in Europe.

Dream job? Art director or fashion editor.

Last book read? Designing Design, by Kenya Hara.

Trend-proof style advice for our readers? I always say go for quality over fast fashion. I learned that the hard way.

Photo by Alvin Alba

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