These Futura Laboratories hats combine the best camouflage patterns by way of a bias patchwork treatment. Defeats the purpose of camo in the flyest, most conspicuous manner ever. [FreshnessMag]

Here's a video montage of Megan Fox making out with a naked mannequin version of herself. Photography from Craig McDean. Blessedly, her gnarly-ass toes-for-thumbs affliction doesn't get in the way of this being a passable Andrew Blake moment. [YouTube]

Freshjive pays tribute to the recently deceased Dennis Hopper in the form of a T-shirt, which features a portrait of the actor taken by Guy Webster. [High Snobiety]

Now that Willow Garage's PR2 robot has successfully relieved its software-producing human masters of laundry folding, this testament to A.I. awesomeness can get back to its intended purpose—playing pool. [Gizmodo]

Rapha is coming to New York. Our favorite cycling apparel/accessories brand will take over 352 Bowery starting next month, but more importantly, peep how ill the invitation to the opening event is! [Selectism]

So this pub owner in London claims he has CCTV footage of Banksy working on a new piece, but is it really the infamous graf artist himself or his impostor? The worst part is, we'll never really get to know for sure. [Top Cultured]