This handsome British army knife stashes all of life's necessities. As in, it has a bottle opener and a blade broad enough to ostensibly spread peanut butter. Plus, the little solo Wolverine claw is perfect for driving into the soft cheek meat of deserving faces. [A Continuous Lean]

This super-OCD website of hundreds of collected movie title screen grabs is a typographer's wet dream. And awesome. And geeky. [Shill Pages via @Newmanology ]

More controversy surrounding the Jabulani. Kind of makes us wish our all balls got this much attention... [Core77]

Yeah, yeah. Keep the jokes coming about mandals, but there is no better way to keep your feet cool in the summer. Check these joints from Island Slipper, made for Japanese retailer Vendor. [Hypebeast]

Are the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposites the sneaker version of Lady Gaga (NYC) and Wale (DC) doing a track together? And if that's the case, do you love or hate 'em? [Freshness Mag]

Sony, Gillette, and Pixar are airing 3D ads during the broadcast of the World Cup. Cool in a jarring, frightening, when-will-these-seemingly-harmless-intrusions-become-cameras-that-scan-my-retinas-that-lead-to-my-arrest-for-not-yet-committed-future-crimes kinda way. [Gizmodo]