Ranard-Miller5.14NAME: Ranard

OCCUPATION: Grad student

HOME BASE: Norfolk, VA

HAT: New Era



BELT: Diesel Black Gold


SHOES: Greedy Genius

WATCH: Nooka

What's your must-have item for spring? In my book? The lemon-colored Clae Whitman.

What's going to be the big spring trend? Simple classic looks.

Sneaker style are you rocking this season? I'm thinking high-tops, but don't ask me why.

Who inspires your style? Pharrell was a big influence on my style, coming from the Seven Cities.

What country has the best style? The French have that effortless style. I love it.

What movie best captures your style? Ocean's 11, when I feel sophisticated.

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Who has wack style? I don't understand the A&F style. It's boring and not unique.

What trend do you want to see die? Boat shoes. I just can't stand them.

Last clothing item you purchased? April77 jeans.

Most expensive single item of clothing you own? Dior jeans.

Favorite website? Denim debate and Revolve Clothing.

What do you collect? I have around 50 pairs of jeans. Does that make me a collector?

Favorite brand? Diesel, hands down.

Favorite tech gadget? Zune HD.

What do chicks dig about your style? How cool yet effortless it is.

What's the most common statement people make about your style? 'I can't pull that off, but I like it.'

What's the item currently in your closet that you most regret buying? Zara jeans..

What do you see as the next big trend? Relaxed/straight-leg jeans will make a comeback soon.

Favorite city? D.C. to live and Vegas to party.

Dream job? Graphic designer or software engineer for Microsoft.

Dream date? I'm dating my dream date.

Last book read? I read blogs more than books.

Trend-proof style advice for our readers? Let your personality show through your clothes. Individuality is never trendy.

Photo by Alvin Alba

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