Eric-Reeves412NAME: Eric

OCCUPATION: Photographer

HOME BASE: Lower East Side

SUNGLASSES: Nom de Guerre x Oliver Peoples

HOODIE: American Apparel

SHIRT: What Comes Around Goes Around



BOOTS: Vintage

What's your must-have item for spring? My shades were given to me as a gift by a friend at Oliver Peoples and I never leave the house without them!

What's going to be the big spring trend? Denim is definitely coming back in a big way. I've been seeing a lot of people on the streets lately incorporating denim jackets, button-ups, and vests (both tailored and cut-off like mine) into their outfits.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Converse high-tops are always preferred. Walking through the subway, my shoes get thrashed but I think they look better the more you tear them up.

What inspires your style? I just try to keep it simple and comfortable and if I find something that fits my style, I'll buy it.

What city has the best style? New York City. Every day the streets are packed with people from all over.

What movie best captures your style? The Beverly Hillbillies meets Almost Famous.

Who has wack style? Suburban Americans.

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What trend do you want to see die? The emaciated model look. I see girls walking down the street that look like they weigh no more than the clothes they're wearing. It's disgusting.

Last clothing item you purchased? A pair of navy Smooth Co. chinos and a scarf by A Peace Treaty from INVEN.TORY in Nolita.

Favorite website? Terry Richardson's Blog, Hedi Slimane Diary, Purple Diary, and

Favorite online shop? Opening Ceremony.

What do you collect? Old photographs and vintage magazines. Right now I'm on the hunt for as many back issues of The Face that I can get my hands on.

Favorite brand? Acne, Endovanera, and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

Favorite tech gadget? My iPhone.

What do chicks dig about your style? I'm pretty sure most chicks just think I'm a dirtbag, and the ones that don't seem to like that they can wear a lot of my clothes.

Most common statement about your style? I get a lot of dudes asking about my jeans.

Item currently in your closet that you most regret buying? I'm a pretty minimal person when it comes to clothes, so if I buy something that I end up not liking I usually just get rid of it. However, I did buy a pair of pants a few months ago that were too big with the intention of tailoring them, and they've been collecting dust ever since.

What do you see as the next big trend? I think we are going to start seeing a huge '90s influence again pretty soon.

Favorite city? Anywhere with a beach.

Dream job? I'd love to direct a film at some point in my life.

Dream date? All I need in life is a girl with high heels and a bad attitude.

Last book read? Lawrence Ferlinghetti - A Coney Island of The Mind

Trend-proof style advice? Style is about creativity and imagination—not labels. Not to say that you shouldn't invest money in nice clothing, but if you get a little creative you can save a lot of money and actually enjoy life.

Photo by Amy Hensel

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