Kris Van Assche kicks off Spring/Summer 2010 with sneakers that are nothing short of exquisite. [Freshness Mag]

New York's Whitney Museum is vying to move downtown because the southern part of the island is the "new city" and a "new nation." Hipsters who already live downtown get to be the Native Americans in this particular line of hilariously belated thinking. [Gothamist]

Banksy covers the June 2010 issue of Time Out Sydney. The magazine will also feature an interview with the mysterious artist. [Time Out Sydney]

Man, the Louis Vuitton Maison by Peter Marino on London's Bond Street looks so good you could eat it. And the massive Takashi Murakami sculpture would, of course, be the perfect digestif. [Dezeen]

Working Halo assault rifle that shoots three Nerf magazines and darts. I mean... [Gizmodo]

You know what you're gonna need for the new Nikon x Porter x Gore-Tex camera bag that is so insanely handsome it'll make you feel self-conscious? A new camera. And possibly new thumbs. And hell, maybe a new face. And definitely new friends. It's pretty cool. [Hypebeast]