ShoSato4.29NAME: Sho

OCCUPATION: Staple Design


HAT: Staple Starter Snapback

SHIRT: Rogan

PANTS: Polo Rugby

SHOES: Narrative

Must have item for spring? Claritin.

What's going to be the big spring trend? Marine/aqua border print.

Sneaker style are you rocking this season? Wouldn't mind some Nike Woven Lunar Chukkas.

What inspires your style? My mood, music, and my girlfriend.

What country has the best style? Italy.

What movie best captures your style? I wish Casablanca but not sure at this moment.

Who has wack style? People not knowing what doesn't look good on them.

Trend do you want to see die? Too-much-information, self promotion, and social networking.

Last clothing item you purchased? A kufi hat.

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Most money you ever spent on a single item of clothing? $200?

Favorite website? AOR Disco.

Favorite online shop?

What do you collect? Architecture mags.

What is your favorite brand? Nike.

Favorite tech gadget? Currently, my Palm 700 Treo for lasting so long. O.G. status?

What do chicks dig about your style? That I appear hygienic?

Most common statement people make about your style? I don't know, but I like compliments.

Item currently in your closet you most regret buying? Blowup doll.

What do you see as the next big trend? Print media.

Favorite city? That's tough. Every city is the best when you're on vacation, but I'd say Tokyo and New York are tied for best... Actually, maybe New York because of the unnecessary swagger.

Dream job? Yours? And to be able to have multiple careers.

Dream date? My Baba who died a few years ago.

Last book read? The Language of Things by Deyan Sudjic and before that I guess a legal casebook. I've been neglecting the books for magazines... sorry books.

Trend-proof style advice for our readers? I'm still learning from you [the reader]! I guess I would say have fun and be proportional.

Photo by Teofilo Killip

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