If you're into skateboard imagery, but want to take the graphics in a more "home friendly" format, Dennis McNett is offering up some of his Antihero board graphics as screenprints. Antihero boards for John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Frank Gerwer, Andrew Allen, Peter Hewitt, and Julian Stranger are available. (34.5"×10"), ed of 38; Linocut, screen print. $120 each, or the full set for $600, available now at Dirty Pilot.

Dennis McNett is an NY artist known for his Linocut style and use of animals and mythological references. You may recognize his style from board graphics for Antihero, and projects with Vans and adidas. He has a bunch of stuff coming up soon, and just got done with a cool Viking ship project. Check that out here. [Dirty Pilot]