The Internets are all a titter about North Korea declaring Kim Jong Il a fashion plate yesterday but for the North Koreanest imagery ever, nothing beats the Gallery Pyongyang site. So weird to see irono-Urban Outfittery imagery that is actually dead serious. [Gallery Pyongyang]

Speaking of propaganda, the new uniqlo ditigal twitter campaign is kinda sick. And a little commie-looking, truth be told. [uniqlo]

DQM and New York artist Curtis Kulig have joined forces on a T-shirt, and it'll be dropping TODAY at the LES boutique. [DQM]

The Wu-Tang Brand and Bagua will be releasing a slip-on shoe featuring the classic Wu black x yellow colorway with a design inspired by the Yin Yang symbol (hello Kung-fu shoes!). [High Snobiety]

Head Porter's latest products include a range of Croco pieces (zip wallets, card cases, coin cases, etc) in vibrant colors. [Freshness Mag]

It's all iPad all day but man, some hipster is very tiny pants and a mustache pushing a hearse for his daily driver and eating artisanal bacon is gonna FUHREAK OUT at this new woodgrain MacBook case (that is made from real wood) from Karvt. [Gizmodo]