Free dick punch for the first 50 people to buy this one. [Stuart Hughes]

Just in case you forgot, Uniqlo is one of the coolest brands in the game. Still. UTweet. [Uniqlo]

The new Zoo York decks are dope. [Mash Kulture]

Those anniversary Stussy Sk8 His? Yeah they're finally coming out. April 10th. [High Snobiety]

Check out the extended trailer/clip for the Banksy "Exit Through the Gift Shop" film. Posters are up in NYC, so expect it at an indie theater near you soon. [Hypebeast]

Matt W. Moore's new printed Wayfarers will have you re-thinking that whole, "I'm over these" statement from last summer. [Mash Kulture]

And just in case your mom hasn't sent it to you yet, here's that video of the 2-year old using the iPad.
[World's Best Ever]