This Incase x Chinatown Soccer Club bag is SO DAMN USEFUL. Contains separate sections for cleats, laptop, and a waterproof ball compartment pause. Anyway, this ergonomic, limited-edition carry-freakin'-everything is pretty sweet. [Incase]

Due to undying demand from enthusiasts, Polaroid is back! [Crunch Gear]

Louis Vuitton iPad cases. They cost as much iPads themselves, but it's one stylish to wrap your gadget of the moment up. [Gizmodo]

Limited edition NSW luggage collection for Summer 2010. Clean design, functional fabrics, and murdered-out colorway... Awesome. [High Snobiety]

Japanese emoticon stamp just does NOT quit on the Kawaii front. [CrunchGear]

If you missed our write up yesterday, don't forget that Scott Campbell's New York show opens tonight! [Scott Campbell]