Incredible studio visit and interview with Philly artist Eric Eaton. Many, many beautiful dead things. [Fecal Face]

This one should make all of you watch heads happy—Longines just opened their first online shop. [Crunch Gear]

David Choe's "Nothing to Declare" video. His exhibition of the same name will open April 23, 2010 in Beverly Hills. [Curated Mag]

Maison Martin Margiela designs and decorates a room. "The Maison In A Room", which is located at 10 Corso Como, will be on display through May 30th. [Design Boom]

Genius Korean Joo Youn Paek has designed the "Polite Umbrella," an umbrella that folds inwards in crowds so as not stab passersby in their unsuspecting eyes and necks. [JooYounPaek]

New TOTO toilet silhouette unveiled at Milan Design Week. Still features all the bells and whistles of heated seats, air dryers and the ever essential remote control. [Dezeen]