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Want to know what the designers and creative directors of your favorite brands really think? Tune into Complex Style Expert each week as we talk shop about their lines, style do's and egregious seasonal faux pas.

COMPLEX EXPERT: Christopher Bastin, Designer of GANT Rugger.
THE SCOOP: Founded in New Haven, Connecticut, GANT has epitomized East Coast prep since 1949. Their more casual Rugger line has embodied cool 'American Heritage Chic' since the 1970s.

For this installment, we chop it up about blazers...

Complex: GANT is renowned for your shirts but we particularly like GANT Rugger's blazers. What body type complements what type of blazer fit best?
Christopher Bastin: No one looks good in a blazer that's big and boxy, regardless of your body type. When in doubt, go shorter, shrunken, and handmade.

Complex: Aren't there cardinal rules regarding buttons on a blazer? Something along the lines of, 'Always leave one button undone"?
CB: On a two button, absolutely. For a three button, follow the rule: "always, sometimes, never."

Complex: And by that you mean, on a three button blazer the first button should always be done up, the second sometimes, and the third never?
CB: Right. But screw the rule that you have to button up whenever you get up from the table. It makes you look like a nervous schoolboy. Sure, it's polite and well-behaved but I don't think it's necessary these days.

Complex: When is a blazer a sports jacket?
CB: I think it's confusing because neither are worn with matching trousers. Simply put, a sports jacket is done in more structured fabrics and or bolder patterns. A blazer is done in solid fabrics, such as a classic navy club blazer with gold buttons.

Complex: What's the essential blazer that absolutely every man should have in his wardrobe?
CB: Hands down a half-lined flannel blazer with natural shoulders and a floating chest-piece. Lucky for you we have one for spring in our GANT Rugger line.

Complex: Lucky indeed. Blazers x Jeans + Sneakers = Acceptable?
CB: Is this a trick question? Yes, absolutely.


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