Ryder-RobinsonNAME: Ryder

OCCUPATION: Artist, Musician & Barkeep at Frank.

HOME BASE: East Village

HAT: Woolrich Woolen Mills

SHIRT: Woolrich Woolen Mills

JEANS: Levi's

SHOES: adidas

JEWELRY: Blacksheep & Prodigal Sons

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? You caught me on an off day, or a work day for that matter. Don't really wear sneakers much anymore and if I do I prefer Nike or Vans. The simpler the better. But I mainly wear these boots my girl got for me from Barneys.

Who inspires your style? My late grandfather Merritt. Most of my clothes are from him; old Pendleton shirts, plenty of denim, and sturdy belts. It also helps that a lot of my good friends are fashion designers and I get kicked a free pair of jeans or whatnots every now and again. I'm pretty lucky now that I think about it...

Last clothing item you purchased? Cabela's wading boots.

Most money you ever spent on a single item of clothing? A pretty expensive handbag for my girl. I don't really buy clothes for myself.

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Favorite website? pantherattack.com - always a work in progress..

Favorite online shop? elcclothing.com - amazing wares from my old home in Colorado.

What do you collect? Belt buckles, shitty guitars, junk on the street that I think I can turn into something better.

Favorite brand? Shipley & Halmos, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, YMC, and ELC.

Favorite tech gadget? I break all my gadgets. Seriously, every piece of electronic goodness I have shits the bed in a matter of days of me touching it.

Favorite city? New York City.

Dream job? I'm doing it. I paint and draw, make music, and feed people booze.

Dream date? I'm getting married this summer and that day will be it. Yet again, I'm a lucky man.

Last book read? de Kooning: An American Master by Mark Stevens

Trend proof style advice? Function over fashion. Just be yourself. Why on earth would you care what anyone else thinks if you're happy and doing what YOU want?
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