patrickrockwellNAME: Patrick

OCCUPATION: Art Director

HOME BASE: Greenpoint

HAT: Supreme

SHIRT: Earnest Sewn

PLAID SHIRT: Engineered Garments

JEANS: Carhartt Europe

SHOES: Polo Ralph Lauren

What's your favorite winter trend? Red Wing Boots. And no, it's not played out.

Must have item for winter? A good pair of boots.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Vans, but that never changes.

What's a cold weather don't? Taking "urban outdoorsman" to rockabilly extremes.

Who inspires your style? My dad, Jack White

Last clothing item you purchased? A lightweight Barbour jacket for spring.

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Most money spent on clothing? $1,500 for a Dior Homme coat.

Favorite website? I try to not spend too much time surfing the internet, but every couple of months it's fun to visit The Selby and see some interesting spaces.

What do you collect? Old printed matter and objects, like potato chip tins, milk bottles and photographs. There's an antique store back home home in Minnesota that I raid every time I visit.

Favorite brand? I consistently love Rag & Bone, but as a brand I really like, admire and appreciate what J.Crew is doing with their menswear.

Favorite tech gadget? My WACOM tablet.

Favorite city? New York City.

Dream job? Dad, husband, and founder of my own design shop.

Dream date? Angela Lindvall.

Last book read? Already Dead by Denis Johnson.

Trend proof style advice? Less is more. And avoid logos.

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