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The average male in the U.S. stands 5' 9"; Carmelo Anthony, however, is 6' 8". Which means, it's not exactly easy for the 25-year-old Denver Nuggets star to find gear that fits and makes him look good. But then again, he's RICH so he manages to stay super fly off-court with a stylist and quality tailoring. Anthony was in New York for a game against the Knicks, and was nice enough to invite us to a private fitting/measuring session (yes, they have things like this for important folk) with a certain American designer by the name of Ralph Lauren. We took the opportunity to chat with him and his stylist about custom-made clothes, Brooklyn, tattoos, and what it takes for ballers to be stylish...

Interview by Nakgyun Im

Complex: Thanks for the invite. You're here for the game tonight, but do you frequent NY on your off time?
Carmelo: No problem. Yeah, I try to. I haven't been back in NY in about two years but it's my favorite city.

Complex: Wow, favorite. What do get into when you're over here?
Carmelo: I like to go to Brooklyn. All over Brooklyn. Just go and ride around and visit my family since most of them still live in Brooklyn. I still go to Juniors, couple spots on Atlantic Avenue but I like going to Red Hook because that's where most of my family is.

Complex: Red Hook, huh? The fans must go nuts.

Carmelo: Yeah. You should've seen outside just right now. It's fun because one day, they're not going to want my picture no more. [Laughs]

Photo by Justin Korkidis for Complex

Complex: So you're getting fitted for a suit. Do you dress up often?
Carmelo: I only wear suits for events or if I have to go to a game.

Complex: What's your everyday style like?
Carmelo: Just casual. A nice shirt, jeans... It depends on what I'm doing, though.

Complex: OK. So, for example, what did you do last night and what were you wearing? Pause.

Carmelo: [Laughs]. Pajamas. I didn't do anything last night because we got in so late. But I like to put on some jeans, nice footwear, shirt and jacket... Whatever Khalilah (his stylist) lays out for me.

Complex: Must be nice to have someone handle that for you. What are your favorite brands?
Carmelo: Ralph Lauren and Jordan Brand. I like RL and Rugby. Also, the new Spring suits are great.

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Complex: What about kicks?
Carmelo: It depends on what it is. If I see it, and I like it, I'll pick it out. Whether it's Gucci, Louis, it doesn't matter. If it looks good, I'll get it.

Complex: What cities have the best stores?
Carmelo: New York or L.A., I try to get out there but I don't get too many chances but if I go out in Atlanta and D.C.... there's a couple boutique spots that are good but I can't just go into a store and buy a shirt most of the time, that's why I gotta get custom-made stuff.

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Complex: Do you have a style icon that you look up to?
Carmelo: No [Laughs]. But I look at a lot of books and magazines and try to get inspiration from them. Complex, for example. I look in there, see what's hot and what's not hot...

Complex: All right, do a quick trend forecast for us.
Carmelo: I don't really think hats are in right now... as far as fitteds, but sunglasses are definitely in. Cardigans are definitely in. and people are kinda going away from the harder, raw denim now.

Complex: What about skinny jeans?
Carmelo: No, skinny jeans are not in, man. [Laughs]

Complex: So you and your stylist... Are you two usually in agreement on what looks good?
Carmelo: It took us some time to get to this point. At first, there was some going back and forth. I had to get used to her and the new look, but we're at a common ground now. But she wants shirts to fit like a wife beater, she's trying to get me to crossover to the skinny look.

Complex: Favorite accessory?
Carmelo: I like the new beads. Diamond beads. I'm also a big watch person. I like Audemars Piguet. I'm a Audemars fan but I got a huge watch collection Audemars, Hublots, Rolexes...

Complex: What about color palette? New colors for spring?
Carmelo: Black is in right now. No pink.

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Complex:Are your tattoos an extension of your personal style?
Carmelo: Of course, it has to mean something and be artistic.

Complex: Who's your tattoo artist?
Carmelo: I go to a guy out of Atlanta. I don't like to get stuck by too many people's needles. One guy. I did most of them by myself, though.

Complex: Most of the tattoos? You serious?
Carmelo: No. [Laughs]

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Complex: What brands were you into when you were a kid?
Carmelo: I was a big Timberland fan. Timberlands all day.

Complex: So who's got the best style on the Nuggets?
Carmelo: Me, man. [Laughs]

Complex: Other then you?
Carmelo: I don't really be checking out other people's style, because I got mine. And everybody's got their own little style.

Photo by Justin Korkidis for Complex

Five things about Carmelo Anthony's style as told by his stylist Kalilah Williams.

1. He wears classic fits. "When we first started, he was into baggier clothes but was easy to work with as soon as we started changing his style. I don't want him to look at a picture in five years and think, 'What was that about?'"

2. He will never wear bowties. "To this day I haven't been successful in getting him to wear one. He loves ties though so it's a work in progress."

3. He does love ascots though.

4. He wears a size 14 shoe. "They don't offer his size on the sales floor so it's my biggest challenge. We're in talks to start getting shoes made exclusively for him."

5. Carmelo might start rocking some throwbacks. "I spend $200 in a magazine store and look at everything but right now I'm looking at a lot of older designers from the '60s and '70s and getting inspiration."

Photo by Justin Korkidis for Complex


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