9.mioNAME: Mio

AGE: 22

OCCUPATION: Unemployed

HOME BASE: Henriksdal


SHIRT: Fishbone

JEANS:Cheap Monday

SNEAKERS: Vagabond

How does Stockholm's style differ from other cities? The styles differ depending on inner city and the suburbs. Typical suburb style is not that flashy and colorful... more black hoodies and dark colors. The innercity hipster style I dont know much about, but I see a lot of strong colors.

Favorite thing about living in Stockholm? It's a big city but you can easily move around in the different parts. I spend most of my time in my home area cause I feel safe knowing who is who.

Least favorite thing about living in Stockholm? Everything closes down after 10 p.m., it's sad.

What's the best place to buy sneakers? Sneakers-n-stuff and Cali Roots

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What is your favorite rap song? "I'm on a Boat" by SNL feat T-Pain.

What's the best spot to pick up girls? Supermarket.

What's your favorite hang out spot? BP (Blaze Place).

What's your favorite place to visit? My home in Thailand.

What's your favorite food? Thai.

I never leave the house without... My lucky underwear.

What movie best captures your style? Ghostriding the whip.

Who has wack style? Lady Gaga.

What trend should die? The rich kid brat-style.

Last clothing item you purchased? A purple tee.

Favorite online shop? Dr. Jays.

What do you collect? Just good memories.

Favorite brand? Nike.

Favorite tech gadget? iPod.

Most common statement people make about your style? Fresh.

What is your favorite city? Bangkok.

Dream job? Movie director.

Dream date? Jessica Alba.

Trend proof style advice? White sneakers.

Photo by Marguerite Seger

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