SINCE: Spring 2008

FOUNDED BY: Giuseppe Valentini & Daniel Murphy

HOME BASE: Los Angeles & New York

WHY WE CO-SIGN: Lova debuted during Spring/Summer 2008 New York Fashion Week and in two short years, Giuseppe Valentini and Daniel Murphy—best friends and the masterminds behind the line—have been credited with imbuing a jolt of excitement to the sometimes lackluster U.S. menswear market.

Lova's garments are defined by a simplicity that Valentini describes as "the ultimate sophistication." As such, the L.A. and N.Y.-based label has an impressive canny for making classic menswear in specialty, luxury materials while modernizing fits and accents with ravishingly sharp tailoring. The resulting collection invokes a sense of leisure, class, and a nostalgic sensibility that belies, yet complements, its contemporary flair. In summation: You need this. Lova adds a nuanced elegance to any man's wardrobe.

Keep reading for our interview with the two founders and their five winter essentials. Also, stay tuned for our picks from Lova's collection after the jump...

Daniel's Five Winter Essentials
1. Common Projects Officers Combat Boots They are almost perfect. If they had a capped toe we would consider them perfect. But they are probably the coolest boots out there at the moment.
2. Vintage leather covered flask You know what I learned from 2009? Stay mean, clean, and lean, and save that drinking money for something more useful like traveling.
3. Patagonia long underwear Living in L.A. we're not used to New York winters. Or anything below 50 degrees.
4. MUJI 90 degree angle socks In grey.
5. Nick Potash Jewelry Really cool two-finger rings.

Complex: What's the first designer item you bought or wore?
Daniel: A Paul Smith jacket. I was a teenager and had seen Mick Jagger wearing it. I saved up for months and ended up losing it a few weeks later.

Giuseppe: A tan Prada cropped motorcycle jacket. I actually sort of stole it. My friend was modeling for them in this campaign in this desert city called Victorville with 40 male models and 40 female models. After the shoot wrapped, they traded out a bunch of clothing to the models. I walked in the room where they were handing out free gear and pretended I was a model. The lady stopped me to ask if I wanted the moon boots instead. I immediately responded with, "Nah, those shoes are for space invaders."  In retrospect I feel badly for my thievery. Maybe they read Complex. Sorry Miuccia.


What's your favorite piece in the collection?
Daniel: The oil treated overcoat. It's classic yet modern and it's warm enough to wear in brutal weather and still look like a man with serious attitude.


Are there any special projects/collaborations we can look forward to in the near future?
Daniel: We are currently working on a private label collection for a European department store. And we'd love to work with a men's shoe company in the future as well.

What can we expect from your next collection?
Daniel: Spring 2011 will be a collection that will be relevant to city life. Our recent move to New York has offered new inspiration for utilitarian design.


WHERE TO FIND IT: Odin, Ron Herman, BBlessing, Forward Forward, Behaviour, Lark, Revolve, SSense


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