STORE: Farinelli's

CITY: Arlington, VA

SINCE: October 2008

FOUNDED BY: Mauro Farinelli

BRANDS CARRIED: Wolf vs. Goat, Band of Outsiders, A.P.C., Engineered Garments, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Krane Outerwear, RRL, Fjällraven, Wings + Horns, Wolverine, Fred Perry, and Spurr

WHY WE CO-SIGN: There isn't much in the state of Virginia save for a cool beach, ornery state troopers, Mountain Dew...oh yeah, and Commonwealth, one of the top streetwear shops in the lower 48. But as far as upscale fashion boutiques go, Virginians had been forced to hit up spots in DC to get their fix. Until the opening of Farinelli's in Arlington, that is.

Taking advantage of the utter absence of exclusive menswear in the state, Farinelli's picks up right where Commonwealth leaves off. Stocking brands fit for the best NYC boutiques like A.P.C, Band of Outsiders, SPURR, and Fred Perry Farinelli's targets an audience searching for a trend-forward look. It even sports a pair of Louis Vuitton chairs (which are also for sale) as decoration. On top of that, the store is collaborating with an über-dope Japanese denim line called Men Without A Country, which, outside of Farinelli's, is only available overseas. To us, that alone makes the trip to Arlington well worth the gas. Check out their online site too, it comes in handy for those of us who aren't big on traveling.

Keep reading for a interview with owner Mauro Farinelli, and pics of the store...

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Complex: What was the inspiration behind Farinelli's, and how has it influenced the overall look and feel of your store?
Mauro Farinelli: Farinelli's was inspired by my desire to create a place where men and women with an understanding of quality clothing could come and shop. We try to change the storefront/displays/etc. to match the feel of the different collections we are carrying. Most importantly, we want to create a store environment that is warm and welcoming. From the bar to the makeshift ping pong table, we want to create an environment that makes shopping fun and not intimidating. We want our clients to have as much fun shopping with us as we do helping them out.

Complex: What are your retail plans for the future?
Mauro: We aim to continue expanding the Wolf vs. Goat collection through each season to come, as well as selling the line to other stores that we feel share the same aesthetic as our brand. We are always looking to expand our customer base, and Farinelli's has done very well in the online market, so that allows us to sell to people all around the world. Eventually, if the opportunity presents itself, we may look into expanding our retail locations to New York or somewhere on the West Coast.

Complex: Any anticipated collaborations?
Mauro: We have a collaboration coming out with Men Without a Country, a new denim line that does all of its production in Japan. This line looks like it may be one of the highest quality denim lines ever because the guys behind the line are that good. We're also doing a barn coat collaboration with Michael J. Krell, a designer out of Omaha, Nebraska. Finally, we are planning a quilted shirt jacket with another retail store in New York called Epaulet.

Complex: What do you foresee in menswear in five years?
Mauro: I see a lot more guys wearing knickers in five years! Seriously though, in America I foresee more men opening up their wallets and spending more on clothes, and men overall taking greater pride in their clothes and being more fashion-conscious.
Heather Karpoff (girlfriend and co-designer): Due to the current economic climate I feel like more men are investing in high-quality basics. Five years from now I see more men willing to spend on trendy pieces to complement the basics they are picking up now, and in turn, more designers will focus on designing trendy items.


2839 North Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 647-9856
10-8 Mon-Sat
12-6 Sunday