Opening Ceremony x Levi's = goodbye paycheck. [WWD]

Nissan has a new emotional car that smiles when you're happy. Hopefully it tells you to drive yourself off of a bridge when you buy it. [Crunch Gear]

Edwin x Pendleton. Nice. [High Snobiety]

Swarovski x Visvim: Throwing up in my mouth. [Kicks on Fire]

New Sophomore clothing lookbook/video. If you go out in NY, you know the girls in it. [Purple]

Marilyn Minter, step aside. Check Alyssa Monks' shower paintings. [Mash Kulture]

This has little to do with either style or design, but too good to wait until the end of the day. Check this "What Should I Get?" Vending Machine flowchart. [Top Cultured]