JulianHarrison2NAME: Julian

OCCUPATION: Student At St. Johns

HOME BASE: Brooklyn

HAT: New Era

SCARF: Moncler

JACKET: The Brooklyn Circus

JEANS: Rugby

SNEAKERS: Air Jordan

WATCH: G-Shock

What is your favorite fall trend? Combat boots and desert boots.

Must have item for fall? Cardigans!!

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Yves Saint Laurent hi-tops definitely gets the job done.

What is a cold weather don't? Showing off your Moncler vest by any means necessary. If its not warm enough for a hoodie and a vest don't do it!

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What inspires your style? New York as a whole.

Most money spent on clothing? $600 on some Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Favorite website? DailyDrop.com.

What do you collect? Girls' hearts and sneakers.

Favorite brand? Rugby is pretty sound from top to bottom.

Favorite city? New York state of mind!

Dream job? Writing for Complex.

Dream date? Megan Fox and Rihanna minus the forehead.

Last book read? Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson.

Trend proof style advice? Originality is always better than conformity. Influence is fine but always dress to reflect you as an individual.

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