How is Osaka style unique?
The use of colors is different here.
Best place for girls?
Shinsaibashi clubs.
Favorite food?
Tandoori chicken.
Who inspires your style?
Jamiroquai and Michael Jackson.
Most stylish city?
Paris. But you can’t ignore London.
What movie captures your style?
Ocean’s Eleven. Clooney.
Who has wack style?
Takahiro Miyashita of Number (N)ine.
Favorite web site?
Tsuyoshi Takashiro’s blog.
Favorite tech device?
Pacemaker [DJ system].
Dream job?
Selling my lifestyle in my own shop.
Dream date?
Yui Aragaki.
Last book read?
Hypocritical Ecology, by Takeda Kunihiko.