Today, surf brand Hurley, and everyone's favorite wool magicians Pendleton, are debuting their long-awaited collaboration. Inspired by the shirts OG surfers used to wear back in the 1960s before wet-suits were the norm, the two respective heavyweights have come together to bring you the best in quality surf-wear in the form of a classic boardshirt. Pro sufer Mikey DeTemple endorsing them should let you know how official this release is. But if a co-sign by one of the best surfers in the world doesn't do it for, maybe the price will. At $110 a pop, these are about 1/3 the price of a regular Pendleton! Come on, you'd be a fool not to cop one. And we suggest you get on it as these woolen beauties will only be available at Saturday's—a Soho surf boutique—until January 4th...

<!--more--> Keep reading for a interview with John Cherpas, SVP of Design and Development of Hurley and pics of the release...
Complex: Are there any surfers or celebrities wearing the new release?
Sarah: Pro surfer, Mikey deTemple.

Complex: What does Hurley have planned for the future as far as future collabs and projects?
Sarah: We are very excited about this collab with Pendleton and plan on continuing it for seasons to come.

Complex: What makes this shirt better or more appealing then the other wool shirts on the market?
Sarah: What we have done with Pendleton is take their authentic wool boardshirt and make it relevant to our generation. We have modernized the fit.

Complex: Is the release limited to just the Boardshirt?
Sarah: No, what is great about this collab is that we have taken what is authentic to Pendleton and Hurley, and fused them together. Our Men's Bowery Jacket and Moonshine shirt have both been translated into classic Pendleton woolens.