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MalcomNAME: Malcolm

AGE: 20



JACKET: Members Only

SHIRT: Club Monaco

TIE: Ben Sherman

PANTS: Levi's

SHOES: Vintage

What is your favorite fall trend? Big chunky scarves.

Must have item for fall? Leather boots that can fight the season's elements.

What is a cold weather don't? A big over-sized winter coat that doesn't make you look like a blimp.

Who inspires your style? Harlem Renaissance and the late '60s. I'd like to consider my style to be rebellious preppy.

Last clothing item you purchased? adidas called Rod Laver x ACU.

Most money spent on a single item of clothing? $300 on a pair of skinny black Diesel jeans.

What do you collect? Magazines. I probably have every GQ from the past 5 years.

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Favorite website?

Favorite brand? Yves Saint Laurent.

What is your favorite city? New York City, of course and its land of endless possibilities.

What is your dream job? Editor of a men's magazine.

Last book read? Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

Trend proof style advice? Every man should have a classic white button-down shirt.
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