The Exclusive Game t-shirt company owes our photographer Matt Doyle (and probably Complex Media) a check. Does this Amber Rose t-shirt look familiar to you guys? Here's a hint. [UpScaleHype]

Stick up kids get their shine on a new line of decks from Steve Rodriguez's New York skate brand 5boro. [Radcollector]

Stussy Seattle opened over the weekend. On a side note, it still rains a lot there. [Superfuture]

Headwear brand Official's Winter 2009 line offers many alternatives to Yankee fitteds (that Hova made more famous than a Yankee can). [High Snobiety]

Levi's Japan Fenom is a collaborative venture between Fragment Design (Hiroshi Fujiwara) and Levi's Japan, and this awesome Western shirt is sure to be only the first of many good things to come. [Freshness Mag]

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2010 collection features some dope sneakers. [Slamxhype]

Monopoly Nintendo Edition=great entertainment option for holiday family gatherings. [Crunch Gear]