Get a taste of 10.Deep's soon to come Winter 2009/10 lookbook. [Hypebeast]

The new iPhone app "Freestyle" has everything an aspiring lyricist needs: a notepad, microphone, rhyming dictionary, and royalty-free beats. Add skill and that elusive recording contract might just be a tap (on the iPhone/iPod touch) away. [Prefixmag]

Dr. Romanelli's online shop "Pharmacy" launched featuring items such as the DRx x Butcher Block t-shirt, which is limited to 50 pieces. [Slamxhype]

Blue Microphone's Yeti USB mic is THX certified and will enhance the sound quality of podcasts, Skype chats, music recordings, etc. without breaking your bank. [Gizmodo]

Remember Krink's 8-Litre Applicator? A couple of German college students bring you an alternative, InkTank, with a cool promo video. [Animal]

And in please-tell-us-if-you-buy-this-so-we-can-come-over-and-rob-you news, there is this. [Gizmodo]