Will-BellamyNAME: William

AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Visual Merchandiser

HOME BASE: Brooklyn

HOODIE: American Apparel

SHIRT: Vintage

JEANS: Levi's


Favorite fall trend? Lots of layering, topped off with some kind of work-wear boot.

Must have item for fall? Sweater knits in rich fabrics.

What is a cold weather don't? Forgetting to bundle up.

Who is your Halloween costume this year? A '50s prepster Soc character from The Outsiders.

Favorite city? NYC.

Who inspires your style? Europe and everyday people.

Last clothing item you purchased? +J wool trousers.

Favorite website? The Mod is Revival.

What do you collect? My latest obsession has been vinyl.

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Dream job? Stylist.

Dream date? Anne Hathaway + Tina Fey = Anna Hathafey.

Trend proof style advice? It's okay to follow trends just as long as you know how to make it your look your own look.

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