BRAND: Pointer

SINCE: 2004

FOUNDED BY: Gareth Skewis

HOME BASE: London, England

WHY WE CO-SIGN: Look, we love Air Yeezy's and all those other brightly colored, bulky high-tops that are now so heavily lusted after. But, despite what you may think, you can't go around looking like an urbanized spaceman all the damn time. Sometimes you have to tone it down and class it up. We're not saying you gotta go full hard bottom (although, that's not such a bad idea), but there are sneaker companies that have found a middle ground between the formal and casual. One of the best is the London, England based brand Pointer...

Whether it be a dinner with your girls family, or getting past the bouncer at a club you begrudgingly promised your friend you'd go to, Pointer footwear takes over where brands like Nike or Supra leave you hanging. Started in 2004, Gareth Skewis set out to create "well-designed casual shoes in response to a market then saturated with increasingly technical trainers and hyped-up limited edition sneakers." Sounds like hypebeast salvation to us. Blending the comfort of sneakers with the more buttoned up look of dress shoes, Pointer truly gives you the best of both worlds. For Spring 2010, they have a whole slew of styles and colorways—a couple cool lace ups, and a modern take on the penny loafer—that is sure to appease even the most die sneakerhead.

Check out pics of Pointer's spring 2010 releases...





WHERE TO FIND IT: Alter, Rime, Wealth Ho$tage, American Rag, Eilatan, The Reed Space, Pick Your Shoes, Revolve, De La Sole, Impulse, Odin, Canvas, Bloomingdale's