The Standard in NY is having it's Quiksilver pool party tomorrow night. It will look something like this, except with buildings instead of a beach in the background. [It's Nice That]

Hello beautiful. This augmented reality map-banger is one of the sickest iPhone apps we've seen, and it costs $1. [Wired]

The Air Force 1 isn't as cool anymore? Says who? Have a nice tall glass of FOH to wake yourself up and then check out these white canvas awesomes. [Kix-Files]

Jeremy Scott Wings 2010- Going nuts. [The Shoe Game]

Mr. "a more serious version of U2" Hudson has himself a new video (White Lies). Has anyone heard this guy talk in real life yet? [Mr. Hudson]

Besides making all of your friends in L.A. look like expensive bums/World of Warcraft bosses, Rick Owens also designs furniture. And it's cool. [Men.Style]

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