shaunlewisNAME: Shaun

AGE: 21


HOME BASE: Teaneck, New Jersey


CARDIGAN: Forever21



SHOES: Urban Outfitters

What are you saving up for the summer? Extra cash for a great winter vacation.

What summer trends have you seen? Fedora hats, loose fitting button-ups, boat shoes and an all around vintage looking persona.

What is your dream vacation? A trip to Italy while sipping on mojitos and having conversations with the current fashion Gods today.

What is the sneaker style you are rocking this season? Converses, Vans and Sperry Top-Siders. All very easy to slip on shoes is a must have.

Who inspires your style? Rihanna is one celeb that can rock anything. It's truly all about your confidence in an outfit.

What city has the best style? Of course the Big Apple. However, Italy is an amazing fashion forward country.

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What movie best captures your style? The Breakfast Club.

Who has wack style? Anyone who doesn't show confidence in an outfit that they are wearing or anyone who considers generic brands couture.

What trend do you want to see die? The over-sized white T-Shirt and baggy jeans below your ass.

Favorite website?

Collect? Unique fedora hats.

Favorite brand? Creep. Very innovative and a unique line.

What do chicks dig about your style? My swag in how I wear my clothes and also my different take on what to wear everyday.

What's the most common statement people make about your style? "I wish I could pull that off!"

Next big trend? '60s fashion meets modern urban wear.

Favorite city? New York City!

Dream job? A professional actor.

Last book read? Hiding in Hip-Hop by Terrance Dean.

What is your trend proof style advice for our readers? Do not go for what everyone else is wearing. Wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. Whether it be purchasing it at a thrift store or a department store, it's all about confidence.

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