Guess who will be getting a call from Nike/W+K at some point in the next couple weeks? Sports art with Cassandra C. Jones. [Colectiva]

KCDC in Brooklyn just got in the new Supra Skytops: green patents, steel blues, and black duct tapes. Get in there or call 'em up. [KCDC]

"Introducing the world's first compact digital camera with a built in projector!!!!" Oh Nikon, promise you're not bullshitting us. [Crunch Gear]

If the above camera works, and you can just project porno right off of your SD card, you might want to upgrade to one of these super-fast 64GB-ers. [Gizmodo]

Perks and Mini is the shit, and everything they touch turns to awesome. Even these space boots. Yes, these are cool. What? No, these are cool. You're wrong. (haha) [High Snobiety]

Ahhh. Selvage chinos! We were waiting for you. [Selectism]

All you ever wanted to know see about Nike SB summer gear. [Sneaker News]