Absolut Boston: tastes like Yankee hatred, 2AM call times, and fat girls in sweaters. We kid, this stuff is actually really good. [Absolut Ads]

Converse x Patta x greatest band ever. [Hypebeast]

Worst. Idea. Ever. Please leave your rollerblades on the beach. [Gizmodo]

New Takashi Murakami "Inochi" dolls are on the way. Get your coin purse out. [High Snobiety]

Winter snowboard gear leaks are starting (FUCK). Oakley x LRG. [High Snobiety]

Japan gets the coolest shit. 4,500 lumens projector, put it in the bag. [Crunch Gear]

REAS wants you to go see his art show. He sent you a digital invite. Get thee to Paris. [Youtube]

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