And just like that, Australian T-shirt king Schwipe is finished. Fuck. [Schwipe]

Kanye and Spike Jonze will release the 10-minute a short film/music video for 'ye's song, "See You in my Nightmares" on September 8th. [We Love You So]

We usually reserve these posts for interesting/cool moments in style and design, but sometimes it's important to call out the A-holes. If you're going to shit on Helvetica, do something awesome, not some idiotic T-Shirt, thanks. [whitezine]

Afro-centricity is so 1989? The great Dane Henrik Vibskov begs to differ. [Slam x Hype]

Rick Klotz could be the most awesome guy in this whole streetwear game. [The Hundreds]

The eN eS dubs Varsity jackets are worth selling your firstborn. [Hypebeast]

Winogrand, Weegie, Boogie. Nils Jorgensen. Awesome. [nilsjorgensen]