BRAND: Warriors of Radness

SINCE: 2007

HOME BASE: Los Angeles, CA

FOUNDED BY: Rick Klotz also founded Freshjive, RMK

WHY WE COSIGN: Rick Klotz has been in the streetwear game since we were all no more than a wet dream on a bedsheet. Homie has paid his dues, and put in his time. Hell, Freshjive is so rock-solid, Klotz is taking the logos off the whole line for Spring. So Cosign #1: Rick Klotz is king of this shit. Cosign #2? The Warriors of Radness line takes '80s and '90s beach themes and turns it modern, and in turn, highly covetable items for these hot summer months. We got our own interview on with RMK, after the jump.

Complex: What is the inspiration behind Warriors of Radness?

Rick Klotz: The inspiration for the line comes specifically from my beach culture meets city culture lifestyle here in Los Angeles. Aesthetically I also take inspiration from the beach and surf style of the '80s, when this type of fashion coming out of California was unique onto its own. Though it's definitely inspired in part by a particular surf culture, I don't want to consider it "surfwear". Also, we don't sell to typical surf stores. Typical surf stores carry a bunch of corporate garbage.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Reserve Store

Pics from the Summer 2009 Collection...


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Complex: What's your design philosophy?

Rick Klotz: Well I'm out to make items that represent a unique casual lifestyle growing up close to the beach and the city here in L.A. I'm just trying to stay true to my roots here and the inspiration of my own backyard, and not take life too serious. You know they say life's a beach."


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